4:16am 04-07-2022
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8:43pm 06-03-2021
this is awesome! thanks for compiling all this info (malice mizer 4 life <3)
Replied on: 8:26am 06-04-2021

malice mizer 4ever problem im glad u like the site <3

6:35am 04-14-2021
Wonderful website *_* thank you for putting me on to SHAZNA!!! <3~
Replied on: 8:25am 06-04-2021

omg!! <3 they're a great band i'm so happy to hear thiss

1:16am 11-09-2020
love your website!!! it looks very great ee!!! <33
Replied on: 11:09am 11-18-2020

omg thank!! i have it a bit abandoned but < 333 i appreciate the feedback a lot

12:32am 06-13-2020
hiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!! ur site is so fantastic and nice to look at! wow goals :0
Replied on: 4:28pm 06-21-2020

aaaa omg !!! thank u sm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:59pm 05-11-2020
absolutely luv ur site ! the shrines ... r perfection. the whole site is such a nostalgia trip !!!
Replied on: 5:37pm 05-14-2020

thank u so much...cries thats what i was aiming 4

6:14pm 04-21-2020
Browsed into your site on a whim and ended up finding some music I very much enjoyed. Keep up the good work!
Replied on: 9:43am 04-29-2020

i'm so happy to hear this! glad you enjoyed the music, will keep adding more things.

3:47am 02-18-2020
Lovely page!! Until I noticed the Malice Mizer images were from Twitter, I thought this was legit from the early 00s. Thank you for compiling all of this stuff. You have good taste. <3
8:17pm 07-25-2019

Thank you for the lovely message and follow! You are too kind. I’m literally two days into html and still feel a bit embarrassed about putting my site out there (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) But everyone has been so friendly - I guess that’s the beauty of a community like neocities. Although I still know very little about the old World Wide Web, I’ve always felt attracted to the online culture and the “people creating contents and connecting with others by their own volition”, Wild West atmosphere of personal websites.
P.S. I have yet to unlock the reply to messages function because my account is new. (`・∀・´

2:52am 02-15-2019
Hey!!!! love your website.!!! it feels really really like 2007, i love it!!! also the hide gallery,,, impeccable. i love all the different shrines!!!!